It is time to register for our SCTP State Commissioner’s Cup Events.  The State Competitions are a GREAT experience for ALL of our SCTP Shooters – no matter their level of expertise!!!  I strongly encourage all of you to consider participating. 

AZ Game & Fish has not yet confirmed the exact fee that will be charged for each event this year nor the exact registration deadlines and we apologize that we do not yet have that information.  I have discussed the fees with our State Advisor and it appears it will be close to $45 per event but that could change a little.

Several of you have expressed your interest in participating in the State Commissioner’s Cup Events but I now need your confirmations, registrations & payments to participate in any of the 3 events.  The date of each event & registration/payment deadlines are stated below.   I must have your commitments ahead of time so I have time to put together the squads, so please see the attached document for ALL EVENT INFORMATION & REGISTRATION DEADLINES.

I would greatly appreciate if EACH OF YOU could complete the attached form & return to me regarding your interest and ability to participate in the State Events.  If possible, please complete the form and bring it with you Friday evening at practice.   If you cannot do that, then you can also complete, scan and returning by email.

In addition to the fees for each event, you will be required to provide your own shells & join the governing body for the shooting disciplines you choose to shoot for the State Competitions but we ask that you join through our club this year.

    ATA Trap – $12

    NSSA Skeet / NSCA Sporting Clays – ($10 Joint membership for SCTP Athletes)

We do ask for a strong commitment if you register as it is very disappointing for a squad when they get to the state shoot & find out somebody has changed their mind & decided not to show up as we cannot substitute at the event.   The scores at the State Events are Team Scores as well as a few individual awards so it greatly affects the squad if somebody backs out.

There is an awards ceremony at each State Commissioner’s Cup Event when all shooting is concluded for the day.   It is appreciated when everyone stays to acknowledge the athletes who win and see the excitement on their faces at these awards ceremonies.

 If you have ANY questions about any of these events, I will gladly answer them in a group setting at approximately 6:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. 3-1-19 at the SCTP Conex during our next Friday night practice.

I can also be reached either by replying to this email or by calling me at 480-710-6036 with your questions.

 Tonya and I will also be taking registrations as well as answering questions.

Thank you,

Jeff Schultz

Click the Image below for the Registration Form

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